Toronto Singer-Songwriter, DAHLIA FERNANDES soon to release her EP titled SHIFT, an  alternative-indie-pop musical examination of love, pain but most importantly hope.


Recently, I asked my sweet 4 year old nephew Ari Lukasz if he wanted to paint a picture of his parents. He was super excited and rushed to get all his paints and paper.

I asked him to first draw his mum who he quickly drew up on the right hand side of the page and then his dad who he put to her left. I then asked him to draw a "heart" between them and he asked me to remind him what heart shaped looked like so I shaped both my hands to form a heart to which he responded promptly with "Oh yeh! I know that...mmm but I don't want to draw that Daya. I don't want to draw that heart, I want to draw another type of heart".

I was confused. Through my whole life, I was taught heart symbolically was drawn one way. I asked him what he meant and what he started to explain blew me away. 

He asked me "Hmm...what's Daddy's age?" I told him and he went and grabbed a circular gear from his Lego Box and came back to his painting. He said "This is Daddy's heart!" and put it on the paper and with his paint outlined the shape. He then asked me for his mom's age who is slightly younger than his dad so he went I grabbed a slightly smaller circular gear from his Lego box and came back and put the piece to my face and said "This is Mommy's heart!" and put it on the piece of paper inside his "daddy's heart" and drew a second circle with it. I was speechless. He then proceeded to paint his heart inside the two circles and in absolute joy screaming "All done!" - I quickly painted his name on the bottom right hand corner of the page as he cannot write his name yet.

I sent the image as inspiration to the incredible designer @creative.destination who did an amazing job bringing it all together with absolute genius and creativity!

Everybody Learns to 'Love' - Single Releasing Soon!