Toronto Singer-Songwriter, DAHLIA FERNANDES soon to release her EP titled SHIFT, an  alternative-indie-pop musical examination of love, pain but most importantly hope.


A Big thank you to everyone who made this night possible (Steve Yor) and for coming out to The Pisto last night for Indie Nigh as I took the stage with super talented Jason Larmon Shawn Killali Anthony Lewis and Carolyn Douse with other feature acts including BROOKLYN aka Brooke Palsson and Tiger and Bloom who totally slammed the stage their awesomeness!

Special thanks to these beautiful people for helping put this event together - You are truly incredible - I am working my butt off so that one day you won't have to work back off the house and be able to sit and enjoy front row tix 😘

@Edna Fernandes @Tony Fernandes @Amanda Soares @Nickolai Salcedo

Man of multi-talents - thanks for handling hosting, org, video and photography !!! Logan Sthlnd

Dick Fairthorne II - As usual you were killer on that soundboard & lighting.

For those of you who COULD NOT make it out - NOT to WORRY - Come chill, drink and be merry on a Friday night Monarch Tavern on NOV 3rd and catch the stripped set with the one and only incredibly talented Joseph Piilonen

Photo Credit: Logan Sutherland